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2013 in Review

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2013 – Short Version:  Finished Ironman career, couple of scary swims, lots of running.

Slightly Longer Version: Plan was to compete in both IM Florida and IM Arizona — 2 weeks apart – to finish my IM career at #17.  (I know, “never say never” but seriously? enough already.)

IM Florida went well, solid except for a crazy-challenging swim start.

IMFL Swim Start1Can you see me there…?  Pink cap…?

Weather was good, course was flat & windy but OK.  Finished decently, though not super fast – wondering what it would be like to do another in 2 weeks??!

Ironman Arizona experience was … amazing.  Early on in the bike, it became clear I was not healed up & it would be a different kind of race. Had to focus literally minute-to-minute, “what do I need?” – nutrition, water, salt —  and just stay in that moment.  Looking ahead @ 100 more bike miles + a marathon was too overwhelming. My motto became, “Everything hurts & I’m OK!”.  Decided to love every minute of the race – even the screamin’ hard ones – and savor the experience.  Finished happy, upright, and deeply grateful.

Bike 1

Other 2013 Races

  • Pandora’s Box o’ Rox Trail Marathon – beautiful scenery, tough course, very fun. & they aren’t kidding about the rocks.
  • Western States 100 Training Camp – 20+ miles of trail running each day, at altitude.  The good news = fabulous training.  Bad news= came back with serious case of poison oak. Ugh.
  • Crewing at WS100 – ok, not a race but it was hard + crazy + wonderful.  And hard.
  • New Years Double Double — back to back 30-mile runs (5K race + marathon on NY Eve and NY Day).  One of my favorite events every year! & perfect way to end one year and welcome the new.



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